Mission Statement

To advise, support and train individuals and organisation in relation to habit forming/ addictive behaviour. Bringing restoration and rehabilitation and helping people break free from the destructive cycles of addiction and lead fulfilling lives.

Demonstrating that we believe Jesus Christ is The Way to freedom over addiction.
To create awareness and education enabling informed choices and preventing addiction.
To create awareness surrounding the issues leading to and involving addiction.
Offering Support to the addicted and those suffering the effects of addiction.
By all means possible displaying the love of Jesus Christ.


Supporting and equipping churches as they seek to understand and embrace the addicted.
Informing/educating parents/significant others through groups/one to one sessions.
Training young people and helping them to make informed choices, preventing addiction.
Informing and training charitable organisations as they support/work with the addicted.
Informing and training employers/other organisations creating awareness around addiction help
    them develop policies to protect the employees.
Supporting the individuals addicted through prayer/counselling and other means necessary, including a residential project.


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